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Gate Welding Services
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When it comes to gates, wrought iron and steel gates are the most popular choices. These systems are meant to secure properties, and hard and sturdy material like iron and steel offer the best protection. They are more durable too. “Gate Repair Orange” assures you of superior workmanship using only the best welding equipment and tools that will securely install your driveway gates no matter how huge and heavy they are.

Working on New and Old Gates

Gate Welding Services in CaliforniaIf you want to install new metal gates for your home, our technicians can drop by your property, and have them inspected along with the site where they will be installed. In addition, our first-rate welding services are compliant with all safety regulations. We can install gates with simple designs, or more complicated ornamental gates with loops and curves or even intricate details. No design will be that difficult to install with our expert technicians who have a wealth of experience in these types of services.

Our welding services also include gate repair. Over time, due to normal wear and tear, metal gates may need repair too due to loose or broken parts. Hinge welding repair is one service we offer to mend loose hinges. If a portion of your gate has become rusty, flawed or weak, you do not have to replace your gate. We can do the necessary repair. We can remove the flawed part and weld a new metal part in its place, thereby restoring the beauty of your gate. That would mean great savings for you.

If you want to add hinges and trip latches to your gate for added security, our technicians can weld the additional hinges and latches on it. Careful and precise in rendering welding services, our technicians will do a neat installation without causing any damage to any part that might require unwanted gate repair.

When it comes to gate works that involve welding services we are the company to call. We give time and attention to any welding job that you need no matter how small or simple the job may be. Give us call now so we can discuss your requirements with you.

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